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You know that the tourist experience, for both the visitor and the local resident, is hitting an all time low when locals are complaining about over-tourism. People are congregating around the same attractions, even if it’s not something that they’re particularly interested in, and sticking out like tourists, much to the dismay of the locals. In a nutshell, modern tourism is broken, and as a travel design agency, we aim to fix that.

No longer is it about going on adventures to truly explore and immerse yourself in the heart of a destination. Instead, it’s all about going places because someone told you to do so, it’s the hot tourist spot, or because you just want to get a picture to post on social media. It’s based around the “checklist” mentality, where it’s about checking items off a list when you travel. There’s very little advice out there on how to truly experience a culture, find the hidden gems that make your destination great, and meeting locals who will give you a brand new perspective on everything.

As a subsidiary of The Lost Geographer, a platform to promote geographic and cultural literacy, the goal of The Lost Geographer Travels is to once again instill that adventure in travel that so many crave. We take it for granted that in just a few hours, we can end up on the other side of the world. Before the advent of air travel, people took full advantage of the fact that they had the opportunity to explore by engaging in adventure-based travel.

In addition, travel is the best form of diplomacy, and many would agree that they would like to wander off the beaten path to truly experience a new culture. However, there is very little advice or help on how to do that, as most people are afraid to venture outside their comfort zone. Instead, they prefer to experience the amenities of home in their destination. As many have said, growth begins at the edge of your comfort zone, and as a travel consultancy, we make travel not just an enjoyable experience, but one that leads to your personal growth as you gather new perspectives and learn more about what is out there in our vast and mystical world.

Want to help us plan your next adventure? Check out our pricing or contact us for more information. We also offer other services such as a FREE credit card consultation to maximize credit card rewards, award booking services to utilize those unused points and miles, and a video guide on smart budget traveling. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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